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Then finish it, cuz i’m with you til the end of the line. 



pacific rim au: steve rogers and bucky barnes.
» american dream

Steve always dreamt of being a Jaeger pilot. He grew up on stories of humanity’s battle for survival, how the pilots risked their lives to save millions. He and Bucky would spend their days dreaming up their Jaeger names, and who their partners would be. Bucky always joked that he’d pair up with Susanne across the street because she hits hard (he’d had prior experience), but when Steve looked put out, he immediately threw an arm around his shoulders, and grinned the biggest smile he could muster, 'I'm kidding. I'm with you 'til the end of the line, remember?'

Except he didn’t count for Steve not being accepted to the academy. Steve watched as his friend climbed the ranks, becoming one of the top students, as was Bucky’s way. Steve lost hope of ever joining, until, sixteen weeks into Bucky’s training, he was given a chance. 

Many took one look at the man and wrote him off immediately; there was no way he would survive past the first cut. But, aided by Bucky’s constant motivation, he overcame everything that was thrown at him. He became physically stronger as the weeks went by, the maladies that were the source of his refusal so many times were taken care of by a drug created especially for him by a scientist called Banner. Steve thrived in the Academy, and he and Bucky passed with flying colours at the end of their respective training.

As they’d predicted throughout their childhood, they were both drift compatible. American Dream was Steve’s choice. Bucky went with it because Steve was his best friend, and it was only a name, right? If it made Steve happy, then it was good enough for him. 

Things were good. American Dream started racking up kills faster than many of the more well-established Jaeger teams. The combination of Steve’s leadership and quick thinking, and Bucky’s exceptional fighting skills made them a valuable asset to the Jaeger program. Until the day an unexpected second Kaiju attack caught the two off guard - Bucky ripped from the machine before either of them could comprehend what was happening. 

They never found a body. Steve quit the Jaeger program, too devastated by the loss of his best friend to continue, despite Marshall Fury’s objections. 

'I'm with you 'til the end of the line'. Steve never thought the words spoken by two young boys would be quite so literal. 





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